Which sports shoes are the best?

The world’s top athletes have a good sense of style and they’re also smart enough to know what they’re wearing, a new study suggests.

In an effort to find out, we asked athletes to take part in a game of a new kind of trivia game called ‘tossing darts’.

In this new game, participants have to collect five cards and use them to throw a dart at a wall to see if they can get a perfect score.

The players get a score of 10 points, and can then decide which pair of shoes they want to wear on the court.

We asked some of the top athletes in the world to help us with the research.

They were:Travis Wilson, 27, Australian track and field sprinter.

Wilson was born in the US and was raised in Australia, where he played football.

He was an Olympic gold medallist in track and cross country and an Australian Open champion.

He also won the 100m freestyle relay in the men’s division.

He said:It was a fun experience, because I felt like I was part of a family that I’d grown up with, and it felt like my family had supported me and supported me in my sport.

I really wanted to do something that had a positive impact.

I wanted to be the face of something that was very big for Australia and that had some positive things that I could take credit for.

I’m really excited to see the results, and hopefully people will go back and give me a shout out.

Alex Wainwright, 29, Australian tennis player.

Wainwright has won Wimbledon and ATP titles in the past, but he is most famous for his two sets wins over Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in 2009 and 2011.

Wire for tennis playerAlex Wainswright won the Australian Open in 2010 and 2011 but has only played in a single Grand Slam tennis tournament in 2016.

Alex’s mother, Sue, said she was looking forward to seeing the results.

“It’s such a great opportunity, a great moment to be able to do this for a long period of time, and to see my son be the first person to do it.

It’s a big honour and it’s very cool,” she said.

I know my son was really motivated to be a part of this, and I know it was something he really wanted.

We were very close in tennis and I think he’s the reason that we’ve had this run together.

I think that is the thing that I really want to bring to the game is just his passion and that passion, he really wants to be in the game and play it and I really appreciate it.

Alex has worked out that he has a strong competitive streak.

He has won the ATP title three times, and won the British Open title two times.

In his 20s, Wainswrights tennis career took off, with wins at Wim and the Australian Masters, before he returned to Australian tennis in his late 40s.

Wires for tennis coachAlex Wills has been working as a coach for five years in his native Victoria, with a focus on developing young players.

Wainswright said he has had a strong influence in the lives of many of his players, and has made them feel like they are part of the team.

“I have helped them realise their potential, and now I’m doing it again with my players, I want to see them do it,” he said.

“As soon as they get on the tennis court they’re just ready to compete.

They want to get on with their day to day life and do it and be successful.”

Alex was born and raised in the Melbourne suburb of Wodonga.

He grew up in a family of track and rugby players, but has been studying sports psychology at the University of Melbourne.

Alex is also a long-time member of the Wodongi Tennis Club.

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