Tennis star Serena Williams, her father and her brother share $1.5m in gifts

Serena’s father, former tennis star Roger Williams, and her sister, Serena, have all received $1 million gifts from a private foundation, a spokeswoman for the charity said on Thursday.

The Williams siblings have also received a donation from the Tennis Association of America.

Tennis star Roger and his wife, Serendipity Williams, have also donated money to the Tennis Institute of Health and Sport in London, which aims to improve the health of children around the world, a spokesman for the foundation told Reuters.

The foundation, which the Williams sisters are both members of, was set up in 2000 and is one of the most successful sports charities in the world.

It works to improve childhood health, provide access to sport and support people with disabilities in their quest for independence and success.

The couple’s children, Grace and Alex, have played tennis for a record-breaking 20 years.

The Clintons have a history of giving away their wealth.

In 2007, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign gave away $15.4 million in the form of two $5,000 checks.

The Clinton family also donated $25 million in 2006 to the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, according to a New York Times review of the White House’s financial disclosure forms.

Hillary Clinton has been linked to the Clinton Foundation, which is not subject to campaign finance rules.

In 2011, a year after leaving office, President Barack Obama said that he would step down from the foundation, and he has not made a public statement since.

In 2016, Hillary wrote in her memoir Hard Choices that the Clintons “have donated billions of dollars to causes that promote personal enrichment and to political campaigns and political action committees, as well as to foundations and individuals whose sole purpose is to influence public policy.”

The Clintons, along with former President Bill Clinton, donated more than $50 million to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation between 2006 and 2016, according the foundation’s tax filings.

The Associated Press previously reported that the foundation had given the Clintons more than a quarter-million dollars in 2017, including a $1,000 donation to a group that seeks to educate the world about the risks of climate change.

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