Why do sportswear brands love the U.S.?

Sportswear company Nike has made a series of high-profile endorsements of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Among them was a $100,000-a-year deal to wear a Trump shirt in its headquarters, which has led some critics to speculate the Trump brand is already too big for its own good.

Nike has not confirmed the deal, but a statement issued to Business Insider on Friday said: “The Nike family and our brands are proud to support Mr. Trump and his campaign in any way we can.”

A Nike spokesman said the company does not comment on individual candidates.

In an interview with The New York Times in March, Trump said his endorsement would be the first time he’s worn a pair of Nike shoes.

“I’ll be wearing these shoes on the campaign trail and I’ll be running in them.

It’s a great endorsement.

It means a lot,” Trump said.

“We have to have a team that’s going to be able to take us to the next level.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized Nike, which in 2016 announced a new shoe campaign featuring Trump in his trademark blue and red Nike Air Max shoes.

He also called the company a “horrible company” that should “go out of business.”

But Trump has also expressed admiration for the shoes, including their iconic silhouette.

“These are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned,” he said in February.

“It’s amazing.

It is amazing.

I love it.”