Which players should be wearing the new NBA 2K17 sneakers?

Bologna, Italy – The NBA 2k17 NBA 2-on-2 game series is on the verge of an epic new release, as the league announced Monday it will unveil the newest iteration of the game’s shoe designs.

According to the NBA, the NBA 2v2 season is set to kick off in earnest this coming April and will feature some of the most dynamic, exciting and competitive play to date.

The most exciting and unique of the three NBA 2s, NBA 2 will feature more than a dozen new shoes and the most exciting, competitive NBA 2 shoe designs to date, including the new Nike Dunk Low, Nike Boost Low, Adidas Ultra Boost Low and Adidas Boost Mid.

All NBA 2 players will be in the game for the most part, but only the top five NBA 2 player will receive a custom-designed shoe.

That player will also be able to choose the color and pattern of the shoe.

Each of the NBA’s teams will also have three new shoe designs that will only be available in the NBA2v2 game.

This includes the new Adidas Boost Low model, Nike Dunk High and Adidas Ultra Low models.

The NBA will also introduce a new Nike High-Low and Nike Low-High sneaker designs, as well as the new midsole designs.

NBA 2 v2 will feature all new animations and gameplay that is sure to please basketball fans and casual basketball fans alike.

The new NBA v2 shoe designs are available for purchase starting April 1.

You can get your hands on them for just $100 on NBA 2’s official website, NBA2.com.