U.S. soccer players to wear weightless sports footwear

A group of U.N. officials and soccer players will wear lightweight sports shoes in a bid to help reduce the prevalence of obesity in the United States, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

The U. N. Body and Minds Task Force on Obesity and related health conditions has recommended a weight-neutral solution to the obesity epidemic.

The group recommended that athletes wear lightweight footwear, which includes non-weight-bearing footwear, in a move that is expected to reduce the obesity rate by up to a third.

“The sport of soccer provides an excellent platform to address the obesity crisis in the U. S.,” U. Nat.

Health Director Peter Rama said in a statement.

The task force’s recommendation was first reported in December by USA Today. “

Our recommendations are based on the work of many leading experts in the field, including the Nobel Prize-winning obesity researcher Dr. Richard Eisenberg, who has identified a key role for sport in the prevention of obesity and related diseases.”

The task force’s recommendation was first reported in December by USA Today.

The AP first reported on the effort last month.

The taskforce, composed of U,N.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and the heads of UNAIDS and U.K. government departments, called on countries to work with the United Nations to implement weight-based measures that would curb the prevalence and costs of obesity.

“There is no simple solution, and no simple method, for ending the epidemic of obesity,” the task force said in its report.

“Athletes, parents and society have been put at risk as a result of the obesity pandemic.”

The AP also reported that the group was hoping to bring the U-23 men’s national team to the U,S.

next year for a World Cup qualifier.

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