Porsche Sport 350: No matter where you live, the Porsche Sport 400 is for you

Just like the Sport 350, the Sport 400 sports shoes feature leather that’s designed to absorb the impact of everyday wear and tear.

The shoes also feature a built-in shock absorbing foam for cushioning and to keep your feet dry.

But the Sport 360 sports shoes also offer a unique look that is designed to complement your lifestyle.

The shoes feature a leather upper and an EVA lining, both of which are designed to keep you comfortable in the summertime.

The EVA cushioning is designed for you to maintain your core temperature.

The heel counters have a reflective, light-up design for night and day, while the tongue counters have reflective LED lighting for daytime.

The tongue counter also comes in a special color to match the color of your foot color.

And the shoe also features a custom-made leather strap, which has a hole in it for the buckle to sit on.