Nike kicks off the 2017 season with a new pair of dual sport shoes

Nike is unveiling a new series of shoes in the upcoming months.

The Nike Air Force 1 (the Air Force 2) and Nike Air Max 1 (one of the newest Air Force shoes) will debut on January 23 and 24.

Both pairs feature a midsole that has an innovative “double stack” design that gives them a new, high-performance feel.

This design is based on the technology found in the new Air Force 3 shoes.

The Air Force series of sneakers are inspired by the Air Force 4 shoe.

The Air Force is the name of the United States military.

The shoes are also based on Nike’s signature Air Force One shoe line, which is used by all members of the military.

Nike said that this collaboration with the military is the most important collaboration with a sports shoe brand in its history.

The new shoes also feature a higher cushioning for increased support.

Nike also says that they are designed with a longer heel and longer toe to provide more support for the foot and ankle.

The heel is also wider to provide support and more support with less impact.

The toe is longer to create an illusion of longer toe support.

The shoes will be available for $399.99 at select Nike retail stores and online retailers.