Which footwear company is the best?

The world’s largest footwear brand has launched its first child-sized footwear, and it’s the only one with the “S”.

Article Updated : 11:30am (AEDT)It’s a good day for toddler sport shoes.

A brand new child-size shoe has been launched by Zoot Sports in Malaysia, but it’s also a good time to remind us that toddlers can be tricky with shoes.

According to a press release, the new shoe, called the “KiwiSport”, is made from a special blend of calfskin, leather, nylon and suede.

“Kiwis can be a bit fussy about their footwear, so this new footwear can make them feel at ease in the moment,” the company said.

“This is a great time for the family as they can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable pair of shoes.”

It’s designed to be a suitable choice for toddlers to start wearing while they’re sleeping, according to the company.

Zoot Sports said it wanted to help children “get in their stride”, and the shoe is designed to give them the “comfort, confidence and support they need to play, work and explore in a safe and positive environment”.

The company said it had partnered with the UK’s Boots-Off, which is a parent-owned shoe brand, to create the new footwear.

Boots-Off has been developing child-friendly footwear since 2001.

“We have always been very aware of how children’s shoes can be the most important part of the child’s footwear collection,” Boots-On’s director of marketing, Sarah Smith, said.

Zooz Sports has released two pairs of the KiwiSport shoes.

The first pair, which retail for RM8,500 (US$9,500), was launched last year.

The second pair, launched last month, is made of calf-skin and nylon.

Zoom Sports said the company had been working with Boots- Off to make sure it could use its expertise in designing footwear for children, as well as its “knowledge of child safety”.

“With this collaboration, we will work together to make the Kiwis best-in-class child-safe footwear for toddlers,” it said.

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