Nike unveils Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

Nike’s Air Force one sneakers are the company’s answer to the Air Max 1 and Air Max 2.

The shoes are inspired by the brand’s iconic Nike Air Max series. 

“Nike Air Force One has been designed from the ground up with comfort in mind,” said Nikes Vice President of Brand Marketing, David Pate.

“Our philosophy is to create the best sneakers for the wearer that are both comfortable and versatile.” 

Pate and his team took inspiration from the Air Force1, a model that debuted in 2008 and has since become the benchmark for premium sneakers in the shoe market. 

The Air Force 2 has a slightly smaller profile, but is heavier than the Air 1, with the midsole featuring a more rounded look. 

Pately says the AirForce 2s will be available in five colors, but he also mentioned a few other options. 

A few of the shoe’s new features include a raised midsole for added support, the Nike Sport-Core technology that’s designed to provide traction when hiking, and an adjustable tongue for better arch support. 

Nike’s AirForce 1 shoes are available in three colorways: Air Force Blue, Air Force Red, and Air Force Green. 

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