A new generation of camo sports shoes makes an appearance in the US

Camo sports footwear has long been a fashion statement, with brands like Adidas, Nike and Reebok all sporting a variety of styles.

Now, though, we’ve seen a new generation come to the fore, with a range of shoes that look like a mash-up of vintage and modern silhouettes.

These days, though the look is usually more casual, there are a handful of models that are made for the modern athlete, from athletic shoes like the springblade sports shoe to shoes for the more traditional outdoor runner. 

One of the biggest differences between these and the past is the materials.

While the styles and materials used to make them are similar, the style of shoes and the shoes themselves have always had a little something special about them.

As we’ve covered before, a number of high-end sports shoes are made from a combination of leather and nylon.

And while they’re usually more comfortable than their synthetic counterparts, the synthetic leathers are more durable and resistant to the elements, while the leather is more likely to stick to your foot and cause wear and tear. 

With this in mind, we took a look at some of the best and worst styles of camos available today.

This time around, we’re looking at some mid-range models, and there’s plenty of options for everyone. 

The springblade (left) and springblade sport (right) shoes are a great option for the guy who just wants a simple yet functional pair of shoes, while also providing a little bit of warmth.

Both are comfortable and have a few interesting styling touches to them. 

A lot of these models are priced at around $100 and up, but if you need a pair that’s a bit more budget friendly, check out the springblades and the springtastic (pictured above) which have similar looks but are less expensive. 

Leather is also an option in the spring sports shoe market, but the leathers that you see in these are not necessarily the most durable and not as durable as the ones that you can find in other styles. 

We also noticed that some models come with a lot of padding, so if you’re looking for something that’s more comfortable and won’t get in the way of running, these are the shoes for you. 

And don’t forget that the springback (pictured below) has a nice padded upper and a nice mesh back.

This one is also quite stylish, and while the shoes aren’t quite as comfortable as the spring blade, it’s still a great pair of boots. 

These are some of our favorite mid-price models, but there are plenty of more affordable options out there. 

Here’s a look back at the best mid-priced shoes. 

Camo and leather camos: The springbladers and springtastics are made out of a combination or blend of two different types of leathers: a soft suede with a bit of synthetic leather and a thicker, more durable leather called “fendi”.

Both of these styles are comfortable, but they’re not quite as warm and durable as their synthetic cousins. 

For example, in the fall and winter, the softer suede is better for keeping the soles of your feet warm, while a thicker synthetic material keeps the solenoids from overheating.

In fact, a lot more runners will want to look to the spring blades and the summer tanings, because these are two of the most versatile options available. 

On the flip side, camos are made with a blend of both natural and synthetic leather, and the latter can provide a better fit than the former.

These tend to be less expensive, so there are more options if you want something more comfortable for your feet. 

Springblades: These are the ones we’re going to focus on here, since they’re the only ones that feature the spring design.

They’re more of a casual style than the other styles, and are generally more suitable for more casual runners. 

This style has the advantage of being less expensive than the springbikes, but can also be a bit harder to find. 

You can find these in all sorts of colors, and they usually have a nice leather lining that adds a little warmth to the shoes.

They also tend to last longer, as opposed to the summertime tanings and the wintertime camos. 

Summer tanings: These summer taners have the advantage that they’re more durable, and their suede has a bit less thickness.

This gives them a bit better support than the suede-based summerbikes. 

They’re also a bit easier to find, as they tend to sell out pretty quickly. 

Tanings also have a lot less padding than summerbears, which means that they’ll last longer in colder climates, and this means they can be more comfortable in the summer months. 

Other brands

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